More Nitro Boosting


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  • GTA Tetris

    I guess it's to prompt more people to get Discord Nitro and to make your server boost more rare so servers have to earn it from you. As only 2 server boosts gets access to Level 1

  • nether

    I have to agree with you here, i am in many servers but only 1 or two i really love and i would like to be able to show that, versus only having 1 boost. Perhaps have several and still have the 7 day cooldown between. 
    The server boosting is a good idea but there are a few things that i think still need to be changed and updated to make it more user-friendly and worth having.

  • thonk

    Maybe that point should be neutralized by a feature where you can only boost a certain server ONCE.

  • kingkano89

    I'm sure there are many people who would be happy to pay a one time fee for an upgraded Nitro where you can have an extra boost, maybe like an extra £2-3 per extra boost and it's permanently tied to your account so if you were to go without nitro one month and get it back the next then it would still be there. Idk but there's 2 ways that it could be done and it's up to the devs how they wanna do it

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