Discord mobile stop changing!


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    Great, the screen even turns black like if you’ve put it next to your ear. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Super

    If you plug headphones in you can lock your phone without the call dying. You can then unplug them again (if you want speakerphone)

  • xena

    It still won’t let the screen time out , the point of tuning off the phone while in the call is so the screen will turn off and it won’t burn an image. But when you run off the phone it completely hangs up. If you plug in headphones and then unplug them when you turn it off the screen is still on ...

  • Super

    Lock the phones WHILE the headphones are plugged in, then you can remove them. Its annoying I know, but its Apples fault that the lock button does that. All Discord can do is not use the callkit (or give us an option to turn it off)

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