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  • politas

    Hey, Discord folks, please don't close this as being a dupe of other posts that are closed for comment!

    This would be really useful. If I'm GMing a game and want my players to be able to have in-game discussions with NPCs outside game sessions, being able to have separate Discord accounts for each character would really improve that experience.

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  • Sauce

    I'm planning on using Discord in my work environment and I don't want my subordinates to be connected to the personal account I use for gaming.  Having a quick switch-between accounts like the Gmail app does would be super useful to me also.  

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  • Ursa Maximus

    This is a really important missing feature in Discord. Anyone who streams or makes youtube videos or generally creates content needs to have separate accounts for work use and personal use. It's a real hassle currently. Google has this figured out on all their services. Please crib from the way gmail implements multiple accounts!

    Make it a nitro-only feature even! I'll pay!

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