Force disable invisible status in server settings


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  • Muse

    @Dr Beesu
    You can bet I was called to wrestle lol. I confess that I was under no obligation to accept that invitation, though. I just can't abide by overbearing, oppressive personalities, and it sometimes brings out a less pretty side of my own personality.

    Misa compulsively insults and demeans discord users here who have said ne'er a harsh word aimed at her. She parroted where others claimed that asking visitors/members to be sociable and visible in the communities they join was a "privacy violation". Nobody asked her to change clothes with the door open, merely to NOT take up space in perpetual 24/7 Invisible Mode.

    If someone is constantly invisible, I think it's fair to suggest that they're not making very good choices with th company they keep, and they may have no idea how the built-in Privacy settings work, and are 100% content never learning how to get better...and be 100% content never learning HOW to show the common decency server owners are saying IN PLAIN VIEW they would like to see from people who join their communities. The entitlement in those rebuttals, criticizing server owners for wanting members who are PRESENT and INVOLVED, is hella thick.

    If you need privacy from all of discord, maybe...don't log into discord, or select Do Not Disturb. If people don't respect boundaries, instead of disrespecting server owners, UNFRIEND or BLOCK the offending parties, if they won't listen. 100% logical reaction.


    She keeps saying "majority" this, and "majority" that, yet stomps all over the actual majority of people who hit this page and upvotes in agreement that people hiding in perpetual Invisibility is rude. 


    Did I mention that editing posts, merely to correct typos and broken formatting,made was also made (by Misa) into another excuse for her to react in a toxic manner towards me? An edit. Because of a typo. Distorted, twisted and spun out of context into a fictitious scenario she could make more nasty remarks about?

    I never said people who disagree are dumb; in fact, I clearly stated that "dumb" is arguing for the sake of arguing, and stating "facts" that are actually opinions or impressions. Yet Misa hops back in and goes "U CALL EVERY1 WHO DISAGREEZ 'DUMB'", when everybody with eyes saw the opposite happen.

    That behavior is trademark of unhealthy people.

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  • onethesigma

    You guys clearly have plenty of extra time. Please continue this debates. And I want to make a confession, I upvoted one of my downvoted comments to make it 0 again lol lol lol

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  • Muse

    I'd love to know what discord server some of you are from. Most people don't subscribe to the comments here (understandably), and most of the contrary responses seem to orbit around one specific person, as if they're ranting about us, and inviting others to "see for yourselves" without context.


    I'm sure not everyone here has servers in common, but I'd be willing to bet some of the spammy upvoting/downvoting of specific users' every post (in numbers of 3-4 within 3 minutes of each other) are no coincidence. 

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  • Kaelikbug

    If I may, allow me to suggest another alternative solution: just bring out the ban hammer and smash the inactives. :p

    Also, anyone invisible could just use the IDLE status instead and you still won't know whether they're actually on, active, or not, any way. So this suggested feature is awfully pointless.

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  • tmalan

    Please allow this.


    If a member wants their privacy respected then they can make the choice not to enter a discord server that asks them to go visible.  That simple.

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