Merchandise Badge


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  • MrWouter

    Awesome, would motivate me to grab some sick merch.

  • Mennoplays


    I do really like this idea because many people I think bought some merch. Now people will get something in real life and with this idea do you get something in real life and in discord itself.

  • I’m baby

    Wouldn’t that increase customer support tickets due to people forgetting to log in, etc?

  • Skwaleks

    @Sophos, it could be fixed if they made a system to require to be logged in when ordering. So when the payment is accepted the badge will be auto given to the account where you are logged into. Ofcourse there will be support tickets about it, but every update will provide more questions.

  • Send_Nukez

    @Sophos and @Skwaleks or you just ship a key or something with the merch.

  • Skwaleks

    @Send_Nukez True, but wouldn't that be inefficient? 

  • Send_Nukez

    @Skwaleks why would that be inefficient?

  • XenottaBit

    @Skwaleks I don't get how that would be inefficent

  • Skwaleks

    @Send_Nukez @XenottaBit


    Then they should arrange it with Printfection, because they are needed to add a paper with a unique code then. If they just ask to be logged in when ordering nothing is needed to be arranged with printfection, and in case of problems, they can just check your account if you bought something and give the badge manually, if you do it by a unique code. It would be much harder then

  • XenottaBit

    What about sending a code via E-Mail?

  • Skwaleks

    @XenottaBit Good one!

  • jedi3
    That is a good point, Nitro does get it own badge for buying nitro as a thanks. So buying store merchandise and getting a badge for it seems like a good way to thank the users buying it too.
  • Forgi_Forgeth
    I don't really like this idea because people would just buy their way through just for the badge and the point I really see with this badge is just for saying that you brought discord merch.
  • Exaint
    Nah, it would be an option to pay for a badge (except nitro). Dont like the idea._.

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