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  • BalamGuitar

    Where is this function?

  • Hime

    You can search ID on the search bar of discord from desktop. When you search up the ID, it'll direct you to all post from that person. But if it doesn't show anything, it just means that the person never posted in it. So it'll show up empty in the search bar when you try to find information on that person. However owners or anyone with access to audit-logs will be able to see all logs of who joined, how they joined (who invited them), and what was changed. They can find the player's userID from there. You can also find it from whether you have a "join-leave" channel and the bot display the username, you can just right-click and copyid to copy their userid. 

  • th35leeper

    Thank you very much for telling me user ID can be used in the search bar, however for me this only shows pings. I would like to use the from: function with user ID. Also idk if this is just the servers I'm in; joins don't show up in the audit log, only invite creation, but I would love it if it did.

  • ω∞Deity∞ω

    You can add the Dyno bot if you want to have some kind of record on who joined, who left, and all that which isn't normally recorded in Discord.

  • RV

    Guys i need some help for add my friend i can't send massage to her

  • spin more like mocha~

    I believe this is already possible, although I'm not too sure for non beta users. I am using Discord v8.9.1 (beta) and searching with an ID currently works as you have described

  • th35leeper

    RV,  this is off topic here.

    But for your problem I suggest that your friend has to accept your friend request, and they have their settings so that they will only accept PMs from friends. So sorry, you probably can't do anything, it's up to your friend. But if you post in a more appropriate thread you might find a better answer. ;p


    BTW I would still love it if the discord app search function had the ability to use the "from:" tool with user ID.

    Okay, thanks, bump?

  • TheHDCrafter

    *i still support this suggestion*
    But i found a great webside that shows you the name, creation date, username and tag of the user if you just have the id.

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