Coloured code blocks


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  • SirDragen

    Hey 👋,

    Same problem with code highlighting:

      (P.s swift is not really swift like highlighted 😔 )

  • jusbnme

    I heartily endorse Markdown Text support for iOS

  • jTurp

    Likewise, I’d really like to see this on iOS! It’s such a pain to read code without it on mobile!

  • MSG

    yay, first...i'm so loanly

  • Sly
    That would be very nice, I do feel like it's a needed change
  • Ceneij

    ok, I read over the "on mobile" part in your post. sorry for being a dumbass.


  • MSG

    no problem!

  • TimeTravelPenguin

    Here is a mock image I made. I really hope this gets added, soon!

  • Alexis

    yeah that would really be nice!

    Mobile deserves same chances as desktop ;p

  • gl!tch

    Adding another vote on this in the hopes it becomes a reality.

    This would be a great addition for both coders and non-coders that use code blocks for their server rules and similar. Right now the code blocks are bland and dull on mobile. Plus its hard to properly use a code block on mobile when you aren't 100% sure what it looks like on desktop lolz

  • jspp

    Colored code blocks on mobile would be an amazing addition and move Discord one step further to being a great platform not just for gamers, but also for developers.

  • veryfoodverygood

    please add this!

  • Elite

    This would be a great help to the majority of servers I'm a part of - There are times where tons of individuals in these servers don't have access to their desktop, and need quick coding advice, on the go!

    Well what if the people answering are also "on the go"?

    The syntax being gray, instead of color-coordinated makes it difficult to read when you're on the phone, and it makes it that much more difficult for individuals to easily assist others as efficiently.


    This post gets a +1 from me

  • bash

    +1 for sure. Neither mobile apps have syntax highlighting and would be a much welcomed feature.

  • Blake

    +1 +1 +1

  • DEM0N194

    +1 I hope this feature gets implemented soon ... It can't be that hard

  • locastan

    +1 For this being implemented soon. I use color code blocks for neatly coloring Inventory on a discord RPG bot I code.

    Mobile users have been asking why I am using weird brackets and .underscore_linked_text. :D

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