Member List Scroll Bar for Large Servers


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  • chloroform chloe

    It's easy to see for me.

  • UncleRuckus

    Are you using Dark Mode on Windows?

  • Aginyan

    +1 Dark or light mode on a 600+ person server on the windows client, maximized on a 1440p screen is like a painful eye exam

  • UncleRuckus

    I'm glad there's at least one other person who understands my pain. I'm not even using it maximized, but I checked and it's still bad on maximized.

    I hope there is an easy way to make the scroll bar just a bit more visible. I already understand how they're supposed to be because of the sheer number of people on a member list, but I'm sure there could be some tinkering done to make it bigger.

  • Lilc73

    The thickness difference at full screen and color makes it worse. Scroll bar from post area is on left. Scroll bar from Follower area is on the right.Please make it bigger or change the color or maybe make it so I can change the color. It is very hard to see even on a PC monitor.

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