[Server Setting] Channel Notification


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  • Fumple

    I also think this is a great idea!

    You mentioned basically all the reasons why this setting is needed. This is basically a requirement for bot channels.

    I really hope this gets added!

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  • Becca

    I 100% agree. For those of us this use the discord platform as a team server this would allow me to toggle permissions per channel as an admin. I think it would be great to have all notifications turned on in our emergency channel and all notifications turned off in our bots channel etc. 


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  • kprotato

    I came here to suggest this. We absolutely need this and I know a few admins who have said the same. At the least, we need to be able to set certain channels as "muted by default" or "mentions only by default".Basically admin-configurable default server notification settings would be a blast.

    This would allow us to enable notifications for #announcements and #looking-for-group by default, but mute the rest of the server. It would reduce the number of users muting server I reckon.

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