Ability to post colored text (for bots)


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  • HVENetworks

    I think regular accounts should be able to do this too. And make it permission based so it's not used to spam. 

  • lancu

    html and bbcode in chat would be doooope

  • Trash Panda

    HTML could be abused.
    Hex codes to colour parts or the entire message would be great.
    Some parts of bbcode are already implemented/could be spammy/abused

  • lancu

    anything could be used and spammy, I'm not saying embedding entire sites is allowed lol, so it's down to discord what they could include and server admins to allow those things, maybe a checklist allowing/disallowing certain parts (so you can allow just text formatting and not allow other forms of formatting)

  • SkyLight Gaming

    Hey they could use Markdown perhaps

  • lancu

    markdown doesn't support colour changing

  • SkyLight Gaming

    True... Markdown with hex?

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