Remove Nitro Button From Sidebar


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  • Etheri

    Yes, please, I wish the Nitro button and the right sidebar with "ACTIVE NOW" could be removed.

    Edit: Please, remove OFFLINE friends from the list of ONLINE! If I wish to see offline friends, I will display ALL, not ONLINE. It pointless cluters the view.

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  • EasyThe

    This is not API suggestion?

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  • EveRiddle

    I agree with removing or at least moving the nitro button elsewhere, it gets to be a pain when you keep clicking that by mistake; not to mention the aesthetics of it just can bug the eyes. 

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  • Kfoxy

    Not enough people are paying a ridiculous fee so they have to throw it in everyones face at every opportunity to try and sucker, I mean convince someone to buy in.

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  • Jo Li

    Did you know?  This button does not exist on the mobile client.

    It is where it has always been: in the Settings, under "Get Nitro."

    On the web client, both the "Nitro" button under the Friends List and the "Discord Nitro" link under Settings both lead to the exact, same page.  That feels a bit redundant, in my opinion.

    Incidentally trying to add the Nitro button to one ad blocker results in every single Direct Message link disappearing.  This is because the Nitro button uses the same coding as buttons linking to DM conversations.  Amusingly, the Friends button does not use this coding and can be freely hidden from sight with an ad blocker.

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