Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Accessibility


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  • volturee

    Discord font is hardcoded in the app or something? And what for? I can change the entire system font with root and every app would follow suit but discord font just won't budge. What a pain!

  • Major Mayhem

    I second this motion.

  • Tuggi

    I third this motion.

  • AnthonyIsMe

    I would like this motion turned into a motion picture for added effect. 

  • Novey

    Yes please! It is very helpful for desktop, I'd love to see it implemented on mobile!

  • JustHere4Coffee

    There's inconsistency in the Dark and Light themes as well. The room list is always shown in Dark mode, which is bad if you need Light Mode for contrast, especially as everything in that panel is presented in vaguely differing shades of grey. There's no reason this one UI element cannot follow the same rules as the others. There's a lot of places where greys are used when good old black or white would offer much more usability!

  • kit

    customisability should definitely be a thing, for sure. plenty of people need a contrast more like black on white, and yet there's also people like me who find light grey on dark grey much easier on their eyes (i'm very photosensitive probably bc of autism) so there's no one default that'll work for everybody. so of course there should be options!

    i really miss the days when everything everybody used worked with pidgin/adium because you could customise damn near everything on those programs. status icons, fonts, colours, how the emoji looked, everything!

  • Colin Bradbury

    Opendyslexic font is awesome. Makes reading so much easier I would love to see it in the desktop app and mobile app

  • Starfield_9
    So like allowing user fonts installed on the computer?
  • Jaz

    That'd actually be cool not dyslexic, but I'd love to change the normal discord font it's kind of ugly.

  • bastet_of_orion
    The symbols are useful for people with other types of vision problems, and while I agree that an option for more colour schemes is useful, keeping the symbols as an option in case someone needs them shouldn't contradict the multiple colour schemes.
  • ||Jojo||
    Looks like we get some updates for this very soonTM
  • Chaton


  • fsxx

    Yes! Same! I also have friends who have a lot of difficulty using Discord because it's not accessible.

    Specifically there should be the option to use dyslexia friendly fonts (which are freely available so there's no excuse for not having them) and HIGH CONTRAST available in both light and dark modes. Grey on white and grey on black are very difficult for people with some types of visual impairment to read.

    Also Discord really shouldn't use the TOS to ban people from using third party modifications that provide accessibility features.

  • Formal

    I'm going to chime in that HSL color correction to guarantee a minimum contrast for user roles/names should be part of this.  I will also reinforce what others have said in how silly it is that grey on white is the highest contrast discord offers.

  • tbodt

    I think client CSS should be customizable.

  • Dann™
    Opendyslexic font is cool.
  • Captain Marvel

    The color selection options especially in dark mode make it very hard to read some of the text. For example, blue usernames on that brownish yellow background is nearly unreadable. Is it that hard to code a user-selected option for some colors? Since usernames seem hard coded for the user’s role, the only option is to change the highlight color. Surely that’s not so hard. Then people can play around to see what color gives the best overall readability. 

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