disable explicit image filtering for bot accounts



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  • whamer100

    I for one agree with this a lot, as ive seen bots throw errors simply because they couldnt send an nsfw picture in a channel devoted to nsfw

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    sometimes bots can secretly contain nsfw content... just saying...

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  • Sugden

    I don't quite agree with this, for the simple reason, if bot accounts had no nsfw filter, and i'm going to say it like it is, some pratt is going to create a script to mass dm users graphic nsfw content, and use a leaked token on some bot in a hundred servers

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  • Blastoise186
    I really don't like the idea of this. I would much prefer my content filtering settings to be respected by all users and bots. If I wanted to permit NSFW content in my servers, that is where appropriately tagged channels can be used for this purpose.
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