Add time duration for kicks and bans


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  • Spektrz



    If we could decide how many minutes/hours/days it would be nice


    Thanks to the support to point me here

  • SuperSajuuk
    I believe in the past Discord said that such things like this would be better served by moderator bots, due to the level of data that would need to be stored to ensure a tempban expired.
  • Tiger
    Although most moderation bots have this implemented, a manual, temp ban button would be very nice.
  • TimThe

    As a long time teamspeak user my self i see where you coming from with the text and voice channels but on the other part discord isn't TS, and with what you want is possible with a bot that grands people access to specific text channels when they join a voice channel. For the ban system i feel like this is something not right i agree on the part that the user needs to get a notify if they get banned from a server but i don't think they should be able to still see the server in there server list. The permissions can maybe be expanded for a bit more control like you have on teamspeak

  • Arkobat

    'bot that grants people access to specific text channels when they join a voice channel'
    One of the problems I see with Discord is that it needs to have bots, to function (At least on big communities).
    The part about giving the users permission to chats, depending on the room is also just a bad system in my opinion. The rooms on the server would almost double, for no reason really, other than a decision by Discord not to have chats linked to the voice chats.

    About the ban
    It was just a picture I found in another suggestion. The part I think is needed is the temp ban option.

  • chloroform chloe

    Bots already do this.

  • waffles
    ^I'm aware that bots do this, it'd just be nice to see as a native feature
  • Da Bald Eagul

     "Add a warning system that works with points, or serves as a note on the user. This can both serve automatically issuing set punishments when enough points accumulate, or allow other moderators to consult someone's past before making a decision on a matter (like: did someone get warned before, or have no "rap sheet" and should i go easy on them?). There should be enough writing space to describe the violation or fill in the mod note." -Use bots....

    "Add temporary bans (with custom date of expiring)" -again, use bots...

    "Improve the current implementation of bans (which has some quirks): right now the banned user won't get a notification that they are banned at all; the server will now just disappear from their list, and all invite links they face will appear as being invalid. This is not good, the user should need to review and dismiss a ban notification, in which the ban reason that the server staff member provided is shown. I believe there should also be a notification for kicked users, eventually with the kick reason if provided." -Yes. this is good.

    " I also got another idea that may be doubtful if it's Discord's responsibility, but may prove useful: when someone gets banned, give them the ability to file a "ban appeal" to said server, after which this request to get unbanned (with small motivation in its description) will appear in the Discord "Server settings" tab next to other moderation tabs such as "Bans" and "Members". It would offer the buttons "Accept & unban", "Deny with reason", and "Delete request", to serve as shortcuts to the appropiate action. "Deny with reason" would let a notification go back to the user that filed it. By default, users should only be able to appeal once, but the server staff member that reviews the request may also override with a field to define a custom date they can appeal again." -maybe... on one side its good, on the other side if you have a DM with the server owner you can just DM.

  • Dutchman101

    @Noah van Zadelhoff

    I see the advise to use bots in a lot of suggestions, but I believe that Discord should be as good as it can be natively. Using bots is just a work-around for things that are often desired but absent.

    Also, what would be easier; sending commands to a bot with username included to check their warning record/a written note, or just clicking their profile (or eventually from moderation tab) and getting a list of it?

    Besides that, adding temp bans (suggestion 2, for which you also advised bots) is really easy to write for the Discord Inc developers. I just feel like if the banning system is an undervalued aspect of Discord, but yeah, today's communities are changing and so does the climate as I explained, so having better standard tools can be positive.

    About the appeal (your last response); not everyone has a DM (mutual server or friendship with server admins) or know people that can communicate it for them. The only option left would be evading a ban with a new account, just to ask for mercy (which would then probably make it turn out worse for them). So this would help a specific group of people, and also help server staff organising this process.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my ideas!

  • Dutchman101

    They tried merging my suggestion topic into this one (because they claim it's the same; it's not) but failed miserable, of which the result is that just 2 comments from my topic were moved over to here, and not the main post at all.

    For that reason, here is a record of the main post (as it will disappear): 

    It's not the same, but if they planned to make it that way (by merging it) then they did only address for half of just 1 of my points (the ban notification this topic is suggesting). Therefore I hope my suggestions are still going to be considered. Something being the same category doesn't mean it's the same..

  • Zakkry

    Although most moderation bots have this implemented, a manual, temp ban button would be very nice

    It's called kicking them.

  • Алелуя

    Вот я как являюсь админом популярного сервера, то мне тяжело управляться с неадекватами школьниками или просто вспылил кто то. А что у меня есть в руках? Это кик с сервера и забанить на вечно. (этим только наносишь вред серверу, так как человек остыл а зайти не может больше пока его не разбанишь) А когда сервер популярный и много банов, то вообще запутаешься где он и когда его разбанить и т.д. А я предлагаю лучше решение. Создать тюрьму с таймером. Типо чтобы мог давать бан на время, 1 час, 1 день и так далее. И он видел на сколько забанен и шел отчет, при этом его с сервера не кикало, а он сидел в тюрьме и имел доступ к текстовому чату тюрьмы и голосу. Чтобы допустим надзиратель или я мог с ним там побеседовать или он с такими же заключенными. А остальные каналы для него были не доступны. Я пытался это сделать. Даже получилось, сделал так что тюрьму обычные пользователи не видели, только что таймера не было. Создал роль заключенный и кому я ее давал, у него пропадали голосовые каналы и он не мог писать в текст а только в чат тюрьмы. Но все испортил один момент, пользователь просто удалял сервер и заходил вновь и роль слетала. Эта идея используется в галактике знакомств, в чате еще 2000 годов, там очень хорошо много моментов продуманно, так же роли есть и прочее.

  • undermaster
    A bot can actually do that
  • Moth

    Yeah, But it would be helpful to limit the need for bots

  • thetechguy
    how would this work?
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Agreed. An update which I want to see on Discord as well.
  • Frosty
    Although most of Discord bots have this feature, it'd be cool to see it as a default feature on Discord though.
  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea
  • GrifGrif 🔥🐾🌈
    Yes, this must be done and clyde myst send a message when the ban is over
  • Etzer

    This is a great idea, though bots can do this already, not every person knows how to work bots properly, and not every person wants bots in their server. (Don't know why, they're great and fairly easy to use, but I've met some people like that.)

    Plus, it would just make everything easier overall if discord could have this in their platform without the use of bots and the like. Maybe have Wumpus, Clyde, or another discord bot to message them saying that they've been unbanned as the time has finished.

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