More sounds!


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  • TheGamerAdmin

    I like the idea!

  • Pop77

    Awesome idea!

  • bonbonne

    or even add are own sounds... that would be nice!


  • || Nightressa Okka-Sama ||

    Yes we need this! Sometimes my overlay doesn't work and i'm stuck questioning who joined!

  • TexasZeEdiot

    I thought of this idea a few weeks ago and just came to post it but you beat me to the forums D:

    I still like it tho :D

  • Heт

    Mute yourself then or ask to turn afk off

  • Nik

    Really good suggestion, this is epic.


  • waffles
    I second that this may work as a nitro feature, good suggestion
  • voodles1

    I think this would be a great implementation. Hopefully it gets added.

  • Celesian

    Would be also cool if you could set up a certain sound for a specific friend's DM

  • Celesian

    Would be also cool if you could set up a certain sound for a specific friend's DM

  • Blastoise186
    This isn't something I'm keen on because of the scope for unfair use. The last thing I'd want when trying to focus is random noises in my voice calls.
  • Skedar_Itou

    Depending on the nature of the noise,it may be helpful,problem is cording to that connect/disconnect sound is invasive,which is not.Some specific sounds could be useful,funny or cute to have

  • waffles
    maybe as a partner perk, but this could be abused with NSFW sounds, etc. I just don't know how it would work
  • criptixo

    i absolutely agree with you.

  • criptixo

    i absolutely agree with you.

  • synth777



  • q2o

    Лучшая идея.

  • brickson98

    I would really love to be able to add my own custom sounds. Even if they had to be in a certain format, I can always convert them.

  • Vanidor73

    Hehehe I was JUST talking to a friend about how it'd be nice if you could customize the notification sounds in Discord, a lot like you can with some (most?) cellphone phone apps, and at least one SMS app (I know Handsent/Next lets you specify specific sounds for different people and/or groups.

       It'd be nice to be able to do it in Discord too, for those you talk to the most,or are special in one way or another

  • Da Bald Eagul

    @someone was an April fool's joke, so they won't bring it "back" as it was never there.

  • lukeylaker

    i know but it would have been a great feature for stuff like giveaways

  • lukeylaker

    and the normal call sound gets annoying when your friend spams it

  • Da Bald Eagul

    All sounds get annoying when a friend spams it, even if it's not a real friend

  • Xanoth

    I'd love to just be able to change the notification sounds.

    It would also be useful if you could adjust the notification volume seperate voice volume.

    My wife is a chronic blooper, she's slowly driving me insane over discord.  I have nightmares that feature discord bloops that just don't stop.  Please at least let me change her notification sound to a chicken cluck, she'd find it hilarious and I'll at least find it less annoying when I get 20 bloops in a minute because I didn't respond instantly!

  • ||Jojo||
    I would never join a channel anymore if there is no option to disable something like that!
  • tea

    I tend to speak in my muted microphone, as there is no notification sound indicating wether I am muted or not. Would be nice to have the possibility of enabeling a notification sound that triggers when I am talking while being muted.

    Besides the sounds for mute and unmute are often to subtle to distinguish when listening to music. So that when I use the hotkey I am sometimes not sure if I am muted or not. Custom sounds or different options for the sounds and announcements ("user joined your channel", "microphone muted") would really help me.

    I know that several other users have that particular problem aswell. Which makes me currently still prefer teamspeak.

  • Yarne

    Oh and btw, I know that there are some extra Mods for Discord, but I will like to see it on the Vanilla side and some people just don't want to download some extra shizzle.

  • Gretchen

    I'm used to having this feature on mibbit and have seen some of it on slack as well. I am new to Discord and frankly, surprised at the low level of customization included in the basic program. One huge absence is the playing of a distinct sound when someone types your name in text chat. I used this often in other chat programs to get users' attention when they are in another tab or just not looking at the chat screen. 

    I've seen a lot of requests for different things in Discord. Who implements these and how often are there changes via user requests?

    Thanks :)



  • thetechguy
    awesome idea. better idea we should be able to add are own sounds.

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