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  • Zkal

    If it infringes with the TOS, just don't remove any from their side. That way, they can review and report if it violates the TOS. If the user requests deletion on own side, imo, to be able to remove that means peace of our mind. Be done with it ourselves. If it comes to that, deal with repercussions when it comes back to bite us on the heinie. :)

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  • XxSexyBellaxX

    It would be an amazing future if we could delete messages from other people because some people like to send pictures that are unwanted and are unable to delete them please allow this future to be enable for users to feel more safe

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  • thetechguy
    tgus us a iid udea
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  • Ranibow_Sparkel

    i fully agree i dont feel comfortable haveing private chats with someone on discord becaues i cant delete the chat history fully so it can always b used against u in a later stage deleting message 1 by 1 doesnt help

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  • chapmangeo

    Having discovered this restriction in DISCORD, I am deleting my account.  Even MZ lets us delete our data stored on his servers.  This is basic internet privacy control.

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