Set color of channel names (Voice and Text)


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  • Shonack Aeri

    I was looking for this feature!

    But I was bummed it wasn't possible at the moment.

    I have one of my servers "categorised" into:
    - Admin/mods hangout (hidden for those without the roles)
    - Information from admin/moderators (announcements and rules)
    - Reporting
    - Suggestions
    - A place to chat (about "everything")
    - Looking For Party
    - Voice chats for different party sizes (given a max so they wouldn't get disturbed by others just "checking in")

    Would be awesome to be able to colourise each category / each type of categories into specific colours to easier find the "right categories" for what you are looking for. So many discord servers are a clutter of categories, so like myself get easily dizzy and lost on where to go after joining a server.

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  • jenstay

    love this idea a LOT!!!

    I'm wondering if downvotes come from people who don't want anything to be paid for ever.

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  • Fendoran

    I don't think this should be a "Pay for Feature", this should be a default feature, they have a lot of features you need to pay for already, but a feature like this would definitely be appreciated by a lot of discord users, and it would be seen everywhere. it's not just for the aesthetics but as a easier way for users to navigate through the channel.

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