Hide Game Activity Status Message Per-Server


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  • Shichi

    I agree ! Same situation for me.


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  • HerrVorragend

    Same here, since discord became more popular, we use it for our business as well but i don't want to be always invisible.
    So i prefer a function, to hide my status to any server i want. Please add this feature, it's really necessary.


    Thank you

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  • NZGhostChips

    Totally agree with this suggestion. I'm in several gaming servers, some personal and some with work friends (whom I don't mind seeing my activity) and also my direct team at work which I use for mainly work reasons. I'd definitely see the benefit of controlling which of these servers can see my activity and when.

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  • Harvey

    This is a great idea. I also use discord professionally and personally so I would like my friends to know what I am playing but not clients. :)

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