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  • Akira

    You can escape formatting by using backslashes (\) on markdown characters.

    For example: \*this will show asterisks instead of being italic\*

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  • Ollie

    I forgot to note it is not me who is using it, it is my friend who does not stop using it.

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  • ThatFloatingCat

    I would also appreciate this. The biggest thing I HATE about Skype is that it forces text formatting - for a while you could disable it at least on desktop and now you can't. It's what made me want to switch to Discord, but Discord is worse because the operation to disable it is harder to type (less used to it), and it has to be done every single time you type something that might be formatted even if it's in the same message, where Skype you put one operation at the beginning of the message and it disables all text formatting in the whole message (which is annoying enough to have to remember). My friends and I put a lot of stuff between asterisks and it's extraordinarily frustrating to have to remember to disable text formatting every freaking time to be able to continue to use an established form of communication we've been using for years prior to the existence of text formatting. I would really, REALLY love it if there would just be a simple option to disable it for people who don't want to use it.

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