Add an option as user to disable role notification


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  • TheReal

    Agreed - all i need to say

  • Germ

    Seriously this needs to happen. Since everybody seems to want to bypass the disabling notifications by forcing new Roles that don't allow that. It's stupid as hell and extremely annoying that people bypass my option to disable notifications. I understand there are reasons for it but this needs to be an option.

  • Kaeoris

    Please support this feature.

    Servers where people spam Role Mentions are very annoying because that BYPASSES all "mute" settings you may have on that Server and even on Categories or Rooms individually.

    And we obviously don't want to "Disable unread messages icon" in our personal (account) notification settings, because this would kill ALL messages on ALL servers.

    We would only like to be able to mute those Role Mentions on precise Servers / Rooms when necessary.

    Even though, on a parallel topic, it's understandable that personal Username Mentions would not be affected by that.

    See the screenshot below :

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