Displaying Discord Notifcations on the Phone and the Computer at the same time.


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  • Daivuk

    I second that. My friends and I just decided to ditch Skype because it's constantly buggy, and move to discord. But then we realized notification were not pushed to our phones. Then I found out that it was done on purpose? It's unfortunate..
    I leave my PC online all the time, and take just my phone with me. I do not get Badges on the app icon. Even if everything is turned on.. do I have to fully close Discord every time I get up to go somewhere?

    I found that the option says: send push after 10mins AFK. That would be great, but it seems like it doesn't work.

  • Admin

    Yes, i second that too

  • That_Panda

    Yes we need this to be fixed!

  • Speeder

    I'd also like to add a request for this to be tweakable. I would like to have alerts on my phone when a PC-Discord is running.

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