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  • Suspense
    bad idea status is global, your rules are only in your server one server allows, another one denys = confusion so no.
  • djradnad

    Just saw this in a server and thought it was cool, so i googled and found this! 

    Here you can hit edit status ^

    Here you can type your own status and choose when its removed (there is one more option below 4hrs called "Today")

    A tiny bit off topic, but another server i made has this..

    Seems like another Very Nice feature, but unfortunately only has a few bots integrated so far, that I dont really use. 

  • YoshiDash

    How come on my friends server it shows up but not on mine?


  • djradnad

    its just randomly given to servers as a test, until it becomes an official feature only a select few (chosen at random) have it


  • Harbinger

    A server for a large group of friends got it. I seem to be the only one who's noticed. Personally i kinda like it, allows for more jokes and can convey more information on who's active.

  • joey676

    Not sure where else to put this but I think it would be good if statuses would show when users ore offline as well as online - maybe allow an additional toggle as well as the clear time option to say show when offline?

  • Alexander.

    Suspense, just to clarify when you set the custom status it only displays on the server you are currently on. So removing the features for some roles would not be an issue as the custom status does not display on other servers.

  • Patient Kush

    Lmao, I was like am I the only one who's experiencing this exploit? And I was also like this must be a mistake by them, they accidentally granted me this feature to try out, but meh fortunately found out this.
    Hopes for this feature are high from me.

  • SpicyDoggo69

    i had this but when i changed it twice it got removed.

  • cyliim

    I got the feature, changed it once and it didn't show up nor could I change it again

  • kokichi

    also found this in one of my servers, i saw the 'try the custom status feature!' in blue and found out it only works in a server w my best friends its pretty epic

  • exe.Cute

    I love the feature so far, I just hope it's global on release. Which people don't really seem to be discussing about?

    I won't have to change my username for dumb statuses each time, then.

  • CptHippieh

    I had this feature on my server for a while, and it was wonderful.

  • Soupyy_

    This feature is amazing. I hope it becomes global to the point it can be used outside of servers.

  • Kurapiira

    when you have it on a test server, your other servers lose their status display  :P

    but, YES PLZ! for this :)



  • ✬『ꉔ꒤꓄꓄꒐ꋊꍌ ꏂ꒯ꍌꏂ』✬

    I got it added to a small private server I own, and I got to say, it's really fun! I hope it gets fully integrated because I'd love to use it in all my servers!

  • Oreo the CookieArtist

    I was one of the people who got to test it. It's actually a really nice feature there, and I really DO hope I can get chosen for more tests like this

  • Nep Nep

    What if I had it but then the option disappeared as soon as I restarted discord?

  • Blaxe

    So this option is available to some servers? My little server has it, but none of the big ones i'm in so i'm confused...

  • iiSilentFoxx

    I got it randomly on my biggest server. It’s pretty nice! I haven’t experienced any issues or bugs, nor have the members. Hopefully it will get added.

  • WeebDude

    I would just like to comment on the color and font of the text it displays as the status. The color of it isn't really popping out to me as much as the Playing <game> status as it showed a noticeable white colored font which could easily be spotted. That's my feedback on the looks of it pretty much. Thanks for your time.

  • 🦆ʞƆ∀∩Q (ԀIɹ ɥʇƖƖ dǝs uo ʎɐp,q)

    So when is the custom status feature coming to every server?

  • Pearl Crystal Gems

    Would be better than just leaving a browser open and not running an unknown game

    executable to discord

  • Pearl Crystal Gems

    And global status would be better if you are in multiple servers that you get pinged (mentioned) in and if restricted to server by server one might not know what you are doing that's not playing a game or listening to Spotify or streaming something and you get mentioned and lose your train of thought like I do when I get mentioned multiple times

    Also possibly maybe something to where you could change the status color and maybe it could be displayed as a "playing status" but as what you are doing or whatever

  • Desmarque

    Can a server disable it?
    I just changed for the first time and nothing changed.

  • ˙³˙

    Can I have a, *cough*, invite to one of these servers? xD

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