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  • dnknitro

    Discord for windows has a bug when I "close" the app with keyboard (Alt+F4) - it actually closes instead of hiding in the system tray. In that case without email notifications enabled I miss a lot of messages. This is very frustraiting.

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  • Mariana Trench Coat

    Same here. Discord doesn't support my Kindle Fire or my phone, so I can only use it on my laptop. I disabled them a while back because it started being a little too much for my inbox, but now I'd like to re-enable them since I inevitably miss messages because I don't have my laptop 24/7. Please let me re-enable email notifications :(

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  • Jacksaur

    Spoke directly to Support, and even they don't have a way of reenabling notifications themselves.

    Without exaggeration, this is one of the most ridiculously stupid things I've heard from a service before. It's baffling that such a basic function has been absent despite requests since 2 years ago.

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