Customizable display status


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  • Alexander.

    I know discord is currently testing out custom status, where you can chose to set your own status. I know my server currently has that feature.

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  • Sandra Gomen

    That is not what I mean. I do not refer to "Custom Status" as the game, I refer to the online display. Such as "Online", "Offline", "Idle" and "Do Not Disturb".

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  • Heck

    It's kinda already in the works. 

    It looks weird on mobile (it's a rich presence saying "Playing Custom Status")

    But on desktop it's like a normal playing status (the "Playing [game]") except without the "Playing" and "[game]" isn't bold

    Doesn't have those custom colors though. Everyone choosing a color wouldn't look too good.

    And for mobile users, this will probably come before game detection

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