Custom Notification Sounds


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  • SkyLight Gaming

    Couldn't that be abused?

    Cause people could add earrape to it.

  • Manavine

    @SkyLight Gaming
    I think what this guy means is the server itself isn't setting the notification, but you are.

  • SkyLight Gaming

    Oh well that would make sense.


  • ty

    What Manavine said.

    I know that it'd be abused if it was someone else setting your own notification sound effects.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Lord Chaos

    Imagine like star trek lcars noises

  • Bubbs

    Imagine being able to tell when your girlfriend is messaging you vs friends, or your various community channels.  Pretty Please Discord! 

  • elementxstyle

    Would like this very much. Distinction between servers is a great feature. Sometimes all I hear are discord notices but there are particular servers that I would like to pay close attention to. Sure I could de-prioritize other servers but it would be easier to just change the notification sound, hear a specific one, and say "hey! i need to check that"

  • Niclas

    There has to be a reason its not yet implemented because its such an obvious thing to have and has been requested for years, since discord was new.

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