Pressing enter to create a new line in chat


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  • Rippy™
    but some people don’t like to mouse over to the send button to send a message. Hitting enter to send is more quicker and is by default of all PC messaging apps to hit enter to send
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  • Martini

    Ctrl+Enter to send message is something many people are used to, especially if they create new lines with only enter.


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  • jonphilmitch

    It seems like this could be an option presented as "Enter Behavior" and you could choose whether it sends a message or creates a new line. 

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  • cupid.rips.hearts

    The shift-enter behaviour is used for word processors, to represent a new line, inside a paragraph.
    The enter key is used to create a paragraph.

    An instant messaging app/program usually uses enter to send.
    Usually, there are *some* with options to change the behaviour.
    Pressing shift-enter is usually used for a newline.

    When an instant messaging app/program changes this behaviour, usually it changes to enter for newlines and shift-enter to send.

    Adding the option to change is good. Making it mandatory is horrible.

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