Setting Custom Status Programmatically


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  • 🔮terra🔮

    After some quick investigation, I've determined how custom statuses are set.


    Endpoint: /api/v6/users/@me/settings

    Method: PATCH



        "custom_status": {

            "text": "<custom text>",

            "expires_at": "<time to expire in RFC3339 format>",

            "emoji_name": "<unicode character>"




    All custom_status fields are optional.

    I do not have Nitro to test, but I presume that emoji_name would be in the standard <:name:id> or <a:name:id> format.


    Now, we just wait for client libraries to add support for this.

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  • IsaacZM

    I tried sending an https function with node js but Bots could not use this endpoint.
    for now I think that bots can not use this new fuction one but in the future it can be used just wait.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english i use google translate.

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  • Virtuo

    I think it would definitely be a cool feature because I always thought the status was weird by just having it with PLAYING, WATCHING etc. So statuses can fit in more.

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