The not-so-great user blocking feature.


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  • QuantumSpin | Invizi

    everything about this
    this feature has been half-baked for a while
    i see the problem with hiding a message completely, where it could make conversations harder to contextualize
    **but** the current implementation is still as, if not more, obstructive than the message itself
    and arguably it's not that hard to realize that people are talking to a user that you have blocked

    and an extra bonus would be to have more granularity over blocking in general
    and not just eliminating dms, or hiding messages
    but also being able to mute certain phrases, both on an individual user level and on a server-wide moderation scope

    basically something *like* twitters feature set would be great
    it's a different platform, but i feel some of it can translate over to discord
    or atleast inspire better implementations of the current system

    preferable: a total rework of the current system
    acceptable: a ui overhaul of how the messages appear in a chat
    the latter is still not a complete solution tho

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  • FizzyElf

    Also, there is also the question of hiding *your* messages on a server from someone.

    If I've blocked someone for being toxic, I'd be worried they're taking what I'm saying and twisting it when talking to others, or taking a 'well, they didn't correct me when I clarified so obviously I'm right' attitude taking advantage of the fact I can't see what they're saying.

    ALSO, in addition to completely blocking people, it would be nice if there was just a quick 'mute this person on this channel' toggle of some sort, for when you're trying to have an on-topic conversation and that one dude won't stop nattering on about Spaceballs...


    I definitely think 'prevent this person from DMing me', 'hide their messages in servers from me' and 'hide my messages in servers from them' should be three separate settings, though.

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  • Audrey

    I agree completely and wish Discord's block feature worked exactly as ordity and FizzyElf suggest. I can only hope the app developers take these very helpful recommendations to heart in the near future.

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