Disable image compression


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  • MoonlightCapital
    Doesn't Discord use a lossless-type compression that removes extra data in the image leaving it intact?
  • DaSpood

    @MoonlightCapital maybe, I havent made tons of tests about this issue. I just noticed that the files were way smaller than they should be, and multiple pics looked a bit "flatter" and not as detailed (couldn't zoom as much without starting to see pixels, obviously going from 8250*6640 to 1650*1330 isnt without any loss)

  • Rahlii

    I second this

  • オップナー2608

    An option to turn it off (and have it turned off by default for Nitro users) would be good enough, as it's certainly not a bad idea in general for people with bad data.

    Good idea or no though, it's ridiculous that I have to upload my photos to a Cloud service and link them to everybody to get a reasonable quality image instead of just uploading them straight to Discord, especially since 2MB is well below the 8MB mark…

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