Extended Permissions: Additional breakdown of permissions.


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  • RikaRoleplay

    These changes would be a game changer for discord, I was surprised when I was setting up servers, I had to rely on bots that didn't exactly do what I needed.  What I needed was a further breakdown of the permissions, specifically Manage Roles, since I don't want them creating new roles or such.  I need members to assign a tag that would allow people to @ them, but then remove it when they are done with it since it is a tag lower than their main discord tag. 

    Similarly, having a Role that is better for moderators to individually change ranks of other members as long as their "mod" rank is higher than the rank they are giving or taking away would be a simple fix in my eyes compared to how many bots do it, which sometimes leads to someone you didn't intend on giving power, able to give anyone a role higher than themselves, including themselves, then basically troll and delete everything.  

    This is especially true when setting up such perms for a public server.  I hope these changes written by Shibiko ar implemented within the next few months, as it would for the most part remove the dependencies my communities have on other applications besides discord.  

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