Emojis In Nickname| The ability to add discord server emojis in your name or nickname of a server.


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  • bastet_of_orion
    Usually I see people requesting to add custom emojis to your original name, which doesn't really work well in the long term - nicknames, however, are a great idea, and reduce the possibility of custom emojis requiring Nitro or not being cross-compatible with other servers.
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  • DuelingOgres

    Agreed, the ability to add server-specific emoji to a nickname would be great for a use-case such as differentiating which streamers are using which platform.

    For instance: In our streamer discord, we change nicknames to a streamer's handle so they are more easily found. If we can put a Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube custom emoji in their nicknames, we would be able to further facilitate our support.

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