Discord Accessibility For Blind Users: Opening The Bags


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  • Gar

    Oh. One other thing that I forgot to mention is that if a message is extremely long, i.e near the 2000 character limit, or if I get a link sent while using Discord on my phone, a link which has a preview, what tends to happen is that voiceover cannot navigate to any messages sent before that point. In effect, I can't scroll up.

  • ChimneySwift

    I think this wouldn't even be too hard to implement either. A simple accessibility toggle so all icons are words would theoretically do the trick, and it's not hard to test either.

  • thetechguy
    agreed this is not that hard to implement. its like labeling the bags of chips
  • Dominie

    Jesse, thank you for helping us understand more on what it has been like for you and others either blind or visually impaired when it comes to using Discord.  

    Personally, I had no problem taking down the custom icon on my server to help you find it, but at the same time I had a problem with the fact that you were placed in the position to make that request.  While I have no idea what it feels like to be blind, I could imagine how uncomfortable it may have been to make that request.  I also thought about how more difficult it would be for you to move from server to server and to explore what else is there is on Discord.  And now I know that there are more problems than I realized.

    I really hope the dev's placed these issues among their priorities.  

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