"Critical Alerts" w/ Notification iOS 12


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  • thetechguy
    what would be the use of this? if you are in do not disturb mode isn't the point to not be disturbed with notifications? correct me if I'm wrong
  • $ E V N T H 🐐

    yes, somehow it is of course.. But i mean, i have a lot of apps, many of those may notify something i'm not interested into while i'm sleeping so i schedule the "do not disturb mode". Well, with Discord is totally different for me, because i need every single notification.. I don't know if it makes sense but i won't know until i try

  • thetechguy

    hi, can't you just add discord as exceptions? sorry not an IOS user but on android you can add app exceptions for do not disturb. 

  • $ E V N T H 🐐

    I wish i could to that.. but i can't, the only way to bypass do not disturb mode is "Critical Alerts" feature.


  • thetechguy

     hi, sorry for the wrong info. I will upvote now 😊 

  • Dino

    Ah yes! I have been having the same issues. I work as a employee manager (I am basically everyone's supervisor) for a server, and I therefore need to know about most moderation decisions, community issues, trouble with employees and so on. So it would be nice if it could "bypass" the Do not disturb mode.

    I love this suggestion.

  • $ E V N T H 🐐

    Thanks for the feedback! appreciate it.

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