New IOS update - call window


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  • ChrisWarner103

    Please bring back the bar at the bottom of the screen. It was so useful knowing if you were properly muted and well as knowing who is speaking. I use to use it a lot to work out if my audio is working as sometimes when my alarm goes off when I’m in call on my phone it’ll block communication for me and the bar at the bottom allowed me to know this information. The new update to the flashing green bar is horrible. Please allow users to switch between the two or not put shit updates like this in action.

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  • ChromeZ

    Yes, please. The new update got me quite confused as I m not able to tell whether my sound is effectively getting through or otherwise. It’s helpful to see who is speaking individually as well. 

    If it’s possible to change it back so that the bar is at the bottom again, I’d be very thankful. 

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  • Mittens

    This is a major thing we need back. I am often in calls and unable to mute/unmute as needed, so the ability to see if I am transmitting background noise or anything is very important to me. If I know I can do something about it, but since the update there is no way to know if you can be heard.

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