Folders For Discord Servers



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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of , so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
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  • Leo

    i seriously just thought of this feature just like folders in mobiles (ios-andorid) for apps.

    im just tired of having 10 servers for a game :(

    but for discord like a set of server in 1 icon if you click it , it will expand to be an external window 2 servers for 2 rows

    like this kinda thing.


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  • Archmage37

    Drop down list like the categories inside a server would be great. Set an icon for it like a game logo click on it and it expands to show all the servers in that category. It gets bad when you are a member of large gaming communities with several sub communities like Chronicles of Elyria and Ark, plus your streaming community with members that have their own streaming discords..... The list goes on....


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  • VoxelVortex

    This needs to become a thing, I've been wanting this for months...

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  • sschr15 this image explains my reasons for it

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