Add an option to fully close Discord on "x"



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  • BasicallyWiz

    Why not just close it from the task bar?

  • WorldofBay

    but that exists for a long time now?

  • D

    Apologies, when we migrated our systems it didn't mark previous status that were changed. I am going through them now and vetting them properly.

  • Joni
    There is a switch in options where you can set Discord to minimize instead of shutting down with the X.
  • ||Jojo||
    You can change the behaviour under User Settings > Windows Settings > Minimize to Tray
  • jack

    Thanks for the quick responses.  I do not see the option for minimize instead of shutting down with the X.  Also the Minimize to Tray is already on and if I click the X I still will not see the task bar color change when someone contacts me when it's in system tray.