Add GuildMember.voiceChannel.join(channel) function to the API


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  • _creepersbane

    Forcing other users to join voice channels against their will is a bad idea. -1

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  • Andre_601

    Answer me a question: Would you like it, when someone pulls you into a voice channel, even tho you didn't wanted it?

    No? Then why requesting that? Nobody likes to get connected to a Voice channel against their will.

    -1 for that.

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  • Ytech

    you could add an button to enable this functionnality for the guild you want.

    It resolve the problem because this way you wanted it

    I think that a +1 will be better ;)

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  • Blastoise186
    As soon as I read this suggestion, it brought massive privacy and safety concerns to mind. This ability is fine to have your Discord Bot join a voice channel, but never a user under any circumstances. My biggest possible concern is the matter of being able to force-join a user to a voice channel in the middle of them having a private or sensitive conversation elsewhere, unaware that Discord has suddenly - and unintentionally - thrown them into the middle of an eavesdropping factory because of a rogue Discord Bot. This is basically something that I consider almost impossible and could even be illegal in some cases. The only time this is acceptable is to get your own Discord Bot to join a voice channel, as many currently do.
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  • Second-120

    Maybe a ringing feature for a guild voice channel would work better than force joining a user and invading their privacy.

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