Ability to connect MyAnimeList


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  • Hyperclaw79

    As much as I like the idea, MAL doesn't have a good official API to make the integration possible.
    If not for the lack of API, imagine people streaming anime together on KissAnime or Crunchyroll.

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    That serves no purpose though since discord isn’t an anime platform.
  • Frosty
    Umm no please
  • Knagie

    As Hyperclaw said MAL is lacking the API to make a good connection.

    I would say it's a shame that MAL doesn't have an official, good working, API as this is an integration a lot of people would like. Especially because you could easily find what Anime people watched from their list. Just a link to your profile, like Twitch, should be enough to show on your profile.


    Neither is it a music platform yet there is a Spotify integration, and not a public social media platform, but there is Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. More and more people join Discord and there are quite a few Anime server and a lot of people like Anime even within other types of communities. 


  • -Pizza]ERA


    Discord is more than gaming platform, many people use it to create groups for long time projects, the wya you can make server organized with roles permissions and such that's the most thing about Discord.

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    To be real honest, I really don't support the idea of that connection