Purchasing games under NITRO without Nitro


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  • ╳(͜͡𝓪𝓷𝓖 ⑆

    Agree, having games on subscription is good, but having purchase for keeping it forever will be good for several cases.

  • Ace

    How has this not gotten more attention? I assume it's because so few people actually use Discord as a gaming service, since that aspect is so small and not well-known, but when I realized that there was no way to purchase some of the subscription games, despite obviously being able to do so on other platforms, I thought that it was just poor user interface, and that the option was unintentionally hidden, because the idea that this was intentional was so silly to me. I can't imagine that Discord benefits from this in any way, though they may have some deals with the developers of these games. Either way, I find it odd that nobody from Discord has actually commented on it. At least, nowhere that I've been able to find.

  • KoroFX

    Just google the Game and buy it idiot, theres steam, uplay, battle.net....

  • Nath

    Rude, maybe I don't wanna download another launcher just to play a game.

    Why should I have to download another launcher just to play a game which is on the Discord store but I am forced to pay $10 to play it.