Amoled Dark Mode option


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  • FlamingOranges

    Commenting for awareness

  • Lolicon

    Also commenting for awareness

  • alu_pahrata

    Also commenting for awareness. 

    considering how much I use discord, something like this would be a godsend if it was a reality. 

  • Acelogic_

    Also commenting for awareness.
    With a mass majority of Android phones having AMOLED screens along with iPhones now. I think it's smart to implement this.

  • MikuxLuka401

    Make that a vote from me too. I use discord on my phone mostly so an amoled black theme would be great.

  • Jotamide

    Also commenting for awareness. 

  • David The Frikr

    A pure black theme would help save a ton of battery on our devices that use an AMOLED display.

  • Ovilers

    I agree with this. Please make it happen.

  • Purpzie
    This might actually be really nice for OLED screens!! +1
  • Ryoma Nagare

    There's  a way around this, they need to fix the light theme, and let you use  the "smart  invert" on  iOS,   so far the problem is its inverting  images this is unexpected behavior 

  • lancu

    oh my god yes custom memes ftw

  • Derpy Lua

    Yes, that would be amazing also just to let you know using a Custom Client for Discord is against the ToS ;-;


  • idontevenknow

    @Derpy Lua that's why it would be great for discord to implement this

  • samjolteon

    would be great for my pc monitor and phone

  • Dean

    Would like to see this to please

  • Feather

    Yes! It's so hard to see the dark grey text emoji so a completely black dark mode (or a lighter grey mode) would make it so much easier to see

  • Ghost

    Please add this!

  • bean

    Commenting for awareness, add please.

  • Blu

    Commenting for awareness, please discord Gods

  • Airbus A330-200

    As many phones are adapting the standard has having an AMOLED screen or an OLED screen, having an AMOLED black setting would be greatly appreciated since all users would be able to save their battery life.  Developers, please implement this in your next update.

  • Drew

    @The_Boo, That's awesome. Can you upload a screenshot anywhere?

  • Airbus A330-200

    @The_Boo While you are making your own APK for Discord, try to enable the "pureEvil" UI and see what happens.  That would be really cool if it was actually already there.

  • SkylarFlux

    Commenting for awareness, hopefully

  • Len

    Commenting for awareness

  • Burgintosh

    Commenting for awareness

  • mortal_Cypher

    How do we have light mode and not this? If anything, we should have dark mode and darker mode.

  • AshWantsHerAcog

    Also commenting for awareness

  • Ozzy

    We need this on iOS 12 ASAP!

  • Killitar

    Commenting for awareness

  • Thoughts 3rased

    commenting for awarness