Bot Editing Messages


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  • Blastoise186
    Not advisable - this would open up the potential for edit abuse and other headaches
  • KatsuoRyuu - Accidents happen

    I think this is actually a good idea, it would allow for a more flexible way of handling eg. some words, that you don't want on the server. This way you can fully automate the process instead of needing to have mods on a server 24/7 to delete messages, and completely breaking the understanding of conversations. I have seen so many times where mods delete large portions of messages leaving suddenly huge gap instead of a nice cleanup.

  • yeago


  • Haew

    Not sure why it is downvoted. Imagine the custom markups you could have with a bot, or a way to automatically add spoilers. 

    There could not be abuse if it's well-handled with permissions, and a mention "edited by xxx" like the current one.

  • Arckangel00

    No offense, but i`ve been waiting for years the moment discord allows me to edit and/or move between channels, the messages from other users with lower permissions than me.. it could make my life as the owner of a little server so much easyer... not to metion most of my moderators had asked me if i could give them such permisions and begged me to find a way to do so.
    lso... why the hell all messages have an ID if we cant make use of it, like... at all?