games library manually add games


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  • Purpzie

    Yes! This would help so so so much.

  • Valdas

    yes please, it cant find any of the games :(

  • BlyatMan

    Yes please. 
    Forza Horizon 4 from the Microsoft store on Windows is not showing up. Maybe it's becuase Microsoft don't give permision to that because it's their programs and they have more permisions than Discord because of Windows??

  • HalcyonAndOn


  • skutterbotch


  • Deewud


  • DJ Balgosa

    100% agree. i have MMOs that have their own installers (Elders Scrolls Online) and games. Also Origin games show up but say N/A for platform for some reason

  • Sajo8

    We need this! Please add it!

  • PleasantFinn_

    I would absolutely love to use discord as my one-stop shop

  • BlueFlame

    Would be great to have discord be my go-to launcher for games


  • The Storyweaver

    Please, it's not detecting all of my Steam library, none of my Epic games library, and nothing in my standalone games folder.

  • Doing His Best

    Yesss please


  • rainer

    That would be amazing, I have a whole bunch of old games installed store-less that arent being detected, as well as Minecraft? Weirdest thing is, when I play Minecraft it is even shown on my profile, but the game still doesn't show up in my library? 

  • Beelzefaust

    I need this

  • UberLerd

    Please add.


  • Scratch

    adding a comment because I need this to happen!

  • flothrudawind

    Yes i fully agree with this suggestion. I hope it'll happen someday, preferably ASAP!!

  • omegajoe

    yeah, i want to be able to edit it because the ff7 thats in my library is the uninstaller

  • Deathfang11

    i would really appreciate if this feature were added because i want to be able to launch ms paint from discord and have all my friends know im making art

  • Halo_Nova

    I agree. Please add this feature. I want to show off my large genre taste XD

  • Da Bald Eagul

    this is already a thing. It adds every game it detects as a game.


    But if it dosent detect the game, I want to be enable to Add it manually

  • Mr. Hooman

    we NEED this!!!! now!!!

  • Teabelly™

    i play Elder Scrolls Online most days & i log into Discord nearly everyday too so having the ability to use Discord to open the ESO launcher would be great. 

    Being able to add games manually would be a big help :) 


  • Forgi_Forgeth
    I'd love to see changes to the game library with their custom games.
  • ScottyToast5

    This definately needs to happen cuz I can't afford to pay when I already have the game

  • YourPoorWife

    This needs to happen 100%.

  • CrazyStrawberry

    I think what you're looking for is under Game Activity - you can add a game as long as it's running. Doesn't seem to add a way to launch it from discord but at least it displays that you're playing it.

  • Shaddock

    Seems it fails to detect any game not installed in program files or in any non default location.

  • geeks4life

    I need this