[GLOBAL] Mark all as read


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  • CybeastGregar

    Thank you! Someone understands me

  • Luke

    I'm still waiting for this option to come because i'm in a plenty of discord servers where i cannot read all channels at once.

  • Egan

    I agree.


    Me to

  • EnÐZz

    yeah your idea is greet ! 

  • User670

    You meant "read all" don't you

  • last-guardian-standing

    There is one. "Mark as Read" at the top of the server beside the name.

  • JeffTheKiller_EMBO

    I also would like too see this with the ability too leave multiple servers at once

  • Red

    This would be great 

  • Derkades

    You can press and hold a server then click "Mark as read"

  • vin

    That doesn’t work on mobile.

  • Derkades

    It does for me (Android), I use it all the time.

  • vin

    well ios doesn’t got the same love i guess :(

  • Blastoise186
    I would like to be able to do this sometimes - I get way too many unreads in some of my servers that I'll never clear. It'd also be useful for members who are recovering from a Raid since they could simply one-click clear the alerts from all the spam.
  • kelsoji

    I have emojis servers that never stop stopping, lol. This feature would be incredible and useful!

  • Stephen

    YES! PLEASE! This would be the best feature ever!

  • Stephen

    YES! PLEASE! This would be the best feature ever!

  • Darkn3ssF4lls

    I cannot gather to words how much this is needed for those of us who are on alot of servers and check them maybe once a day. Most of the server content is not worth reading but the channels you don't have muted are. Yet the program still loves to show you those nince unread symbols and pings. Please oh please great discord gods hear our prayers, give us the ability to clean our slate on ALL servers with the touch of a button. 

  • Pocket

    Yes! Would love the ability to mark all servers as read at once instead of individually. 

  • Insomnia

    It'd even be fine if a 'mark one server ALL CHANNELS' as read was made. Theres one channel that is only one or two notifications, but another one of mine has at least 300 every hour on 15 different channels...

  • Darkn3ssF4lls

    I’m not sure I understand you Insomnia, you can already mark individual servers as read. That’s the problem is you have to go down the list over and over to mark them individually as read.

  • Insomnia

    Sorry, I didn't say an 'on ios'. It seems android has way to do mark the channel as read, but not IOS

  • bruntpossum

    I didn’t even know that was possible on the desktop app (I don’t have a computer or laptop) but I’ve ALWAYS wanted this. A bunch of my servers have automatic pings for streams and such that you can’t opt out of. I end up with 30+ notifs in a couple of hours. This would be so helpful to have!

  • VanillaSanity

    Just going to revive this thread and yes please add this option to iOS because it’d make the app so much better in terms of features as android users have this option please add this in (I’m sorry bad grammar)

  • Coda

    I agree. Would be nice to have this on desktop

  • N i c o l a s G E

    @coda did you mean mobile?
    it should be everywhere anyway

  • asperatology

    The title should be changed to say "Mark All Subscribed Servers As Read" instead of stating as "Mark All As Read". The wording is apt, but it will get ambiguous if this gets read by one of the Discord developers, and may likely be ignored.

  • shadowc_ar

    I think an option per-server would also be great!

  • YoY

    we need this gamers


  • Turncoat Tony

    Aye, this is needed on desktop and mobile...  Such an odd feature to not have...