Disable image compression


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  • MoonlightCapital
    Doesn't Discord use a lossless-type compression that removes extra data in the image leaving it intact?
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  • DaSpood

    @MoonlightCapital maybe, I havent made tons of tests about this issue. I just noticed that the files were way smaller than they should be, and multiple pics looked a bit "flatter" and not as detailed (couldn't zoom as much without starting to see pixels, obviously going from 8250*6640 to 1650*1330 isnt without any loss)

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  • Rahlii

    I second this

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  • オップナー2608

    An option to turn it off (and have it turned off by default for Nitro users) would be good enough, as it's certainly not a bad idea in general for people with bad data.

    Good idea or no though, it's ridiculous that I have to upload my photos to a Cloud service and link them to everybody to get a reasonable quality image instead of just uploading them straight to Discord, especially since 2MB is well below the 8MB mark…

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  • öm

    i will start my own topic on this, but extactly the opposite is my Problem, with my Phone Huawei Mate P20 Pro and P30 Pro, im not able to Share Pictures over Discord, because in any angle i take a picture it is "too powerful" and i wanted to ask about automatic compression which would let me share my pictures directly over discord...
    if you want uncompressed uploads you could either use a upload provider or upload directly a file over discord, they should stay same quality as they cannot further compress... lets say a .zip file

    What are your Experiences on this, have you met this Upload Limit with normal Pictures too yet?

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