Hide Mutual Servers


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  • Movement

    Even if you could hide mutual servers, they could still go through the servers they are in and look for you in the user list.

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  • Matthew

    this is needed because?

    Discord is a social platform, not a place to hide.

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  • Rongyu

    I said it was because I don't want certain people to see the servers I'm in. I already said it, bud. And the second thing you said is irrelevant to this topic.  Being social doesn't have to do with privacy.

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  • Matthew

    Discord is, once again, a social platform.

    What's wrong with strangers knowing what servers you're on?

    If they are harrassing you or threatening you, you're always free to report them to https://dis.gd/request, but other than that, I think this would be abused more than used.

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  • Carson

    That's a lame cop out. Facebook is also a social platform. Why don't they just let everyone see everything on your profile?

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  • Zinx-Maramee

    This needs to be changed. I'm tired of being accused of being a spy or part of another guild simply because I was in another guilds discord server! 

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  • Saquron

    Yeah, as Zinx-Maramee said, people accused me of spying as well.

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  • 哎呀

    This really aught to also include an option to hide mutual friends. There is simply no reason we shouldn't have privacy features like these in the digital age. The tiresome excuse of "social platform" is a non-argument that misses the entire point of the discussion. 

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  • klepp0906

    agree.  found threads back in 2017 asking for this.

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  • Neuroforce

    It's super saddening to see many features that actually really deserve to be added not actually added yet and also largely down-voted just because most people think that since it doesn't affect them to any capacity it shouldn't be added in the first place. With that being said, I really think having the ability to hide your mutual servers with others is a no-brainer addition. Also, while we're at it, why not have the option to hide mutual friends as well?

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