Allow us to invite bots in-app, kinda like accepting nitro gifts or joining a discord server


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  • cheesits456

    That's just what recaptcha does - it's not a bug with discord, in fact it isn't a bug at all. New images appear, and you keep clicking until none of them match anymore (in this case, keep clicking busses until there aren't any busses). The recaptcha is necessary to make sure that bots aren't being added to servers automatically via a script, but I agree that there should be a way to add bots from the client rather than needing to open an external browser tab

  • EnterNewName

    i never said it was a bug. Its annoying to users when they want to do the simplest thing and invite bots but they can't because of what that link above does

  • cheesits456

    But that isn't discords fault - that's how recaptcha works. The only way for discord to change that would be to remove the recaptcha, but the recaptcha is necessary for the reason I stated in my previous comment

  • EnterNewName

    and did i say it was discords fault, no, i was mentioning how hard it was but never did i say it was an bug

  • eDroid

    Yes. This will be very helpful for people that have to go though the hassle of 2fa.

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    Though I do support the idea, there are lots of API-related features that would need to be added, also adding a more connectable interface between discord dev applications and discord would be needed.
  • funnyspyro111

    To add discord bots you need to go to these links