Mention Support in Bot Embeds


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  • ThatTonybo

    Mentioning in embeds work. It's your client not having the user/channel/etc cached.

  • FRNathan13

    Don't make sense, if you need mention user/roles or everyone use mention in message content not in embed :V

  • Longeh

    I wish to use embeds like this for my announcements my bot makes, it looks cleaner. Only downside is you cannot use mentions within the embeds.

  • FRNathan13

    Discord accept both in same message, Embeds and Raw Text.

    You can mention all roles/users in Message Content to notify they.


    Example: In raw text i mentioned my.


    In embed (Mention user in content and write anything in embed):

  • Longeh

    You may well be able to do that, and I appreciate you trying to help.
    But, this site if for suggestions. I've made this for a suggestion to try and improve discord. 

  • Frosty
    Yes please!
  • FrenchMasterSword

    The fact that mentions in Embeds do not ping is helping other bot makers