Allow transferring server ownership to discord bot account


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  • undermaster
    That was possible I think before but that's not a good idea. Owners should be real person as they pretty much have the all options in a server. Bots can't pretty much do anything if they are going to become an owner. They don't have that much commands like deleting a server.
  • spudpotato
    Why would anyone want to do this. There's no way a bot can fully manage a server.
  • Aquatic

    Bots can transfer ownership and delete a server, and do pretty much anything a regular person can, you people are very ill-informed. 

  • spudpotato

    @Aquatic "You people". What I mean is that a bot should never be in control of a server.

  • Aquatic

    Why is that? People own personal bots themselves, of course, making some random bot in your server the owner is a terrible idea, but since bots can already make servers why not extend their functionality even more to allow them to be server owners, no one would be stupid enough to give someone like Dyno bot ownership of their server, all it takes is to give the user a prompt warning about them transferring ownership to a bot instead of a user and that's all. Bots can already interact with servers in every way, icon, name, roles, channels, regions, permissions, emojis and even delete the server.

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    That wouldn't be good because bots can be unpredictable at times.
  • Aquatic

    If you disagree with my suggestion, for the love of god, at least please provide a valid point why it shouldn't accepted as a suggestion, not topics you probably don't understand about or just throwing in raw opinions like "they shouldn't be allowed to own servers".

    As for @Forgi_Forgeth, please elaborate, as your point is either in the category of "topics you probably don't understand" or you're referring to actual bot security, which should not be an issue considering no major bot developer would risk their permanent reputation going out of their league to mess up a server. And I'm sure that 100% of people who know what they are doing would use their personal bots for managing servers, which aren't 'unpredictable'

  • spudpotato

    Ok, here's my question - what would be the point in letting a bot own my server? What would it do for me? How would this feature make my discord experience better?

  • GrifGrif 🔥🐾🌈
    we need to set somethink like you must own the bot for give it ownership : like i own PureBot i can give him the ownership of Purebot system server
  • riotgrrl Adria

    Putting a bot in control of a sever is a massive security hole. This is an incredibly dumb idea.

  • riotgrrl Adria

    To access the server, you would have to come up with a means of insuring that the connection with the server in which the bot is on and the discord derived itself is properly implemented, and extremely well tested. Man in the middle attacks, and packet sniffing become really f*cking easy, because you would have a bot access a server periodically (most likely at the same intervals, making it super easy to have another computer intercept packets and modify them.). If that were to be compromised, someone would gain complete control of the server, and can easily lock you out.
    Security is to always be done on the idea that one should grant the absolute least amount of power needed to do a task, in case if an unknown security flaw exists to mitigate potential damage.

    That's like semester 1 in any programming major.

    Your proposing to give control to something which can't itself be easily monitored. If you proposed to do that at a company, you would be out of a job.

  • riotgrrl Adria

    Traditionally, scripts are run to do the same thing with creating new instances of virtual environments. That script is run locally on the machine, which prevents having an outside force from trying to modify the script. If the virtual environment were to be taken down, one can easily create a new instance and not expose the machine behind it.
    If you are the owner of one of the virtual environments, you want to try and protect it by backing it up. You can't do that with a discord server. You can easily lose your servers.

    On discord's end, one can also use your bot to create a massive amount of servers to suck up bandwidth; an effective DDOS attack.

  • username
    Why? What is the point of transferring ownership to a Bot account?
  • Monkikey

    Hello everybody.
    When i saw this topic i directly think i could give reason to @Aquatic.

    I am programming a full admin-bot who will be able to manage EVERYthings, without any exceptions, on my server.

    One of his commands have to be able to destroy a server.

    I don't know why my bot, because his task is to act as a Owner, couldn't BECOME the Owner of my server.

    Guys it's really something you must add for Discordjs, please.

  • riotgrrl Adria

    All's I'm hearing is that I'm creating a bot to run a server will all powers.
    But why?

    That's not a reason.
    Seriously go back to college or take a course on defensive programming.

  • Soheab_

    This is already possible lol but it’s really useless!

  • Dominus_Marceau

    How ?