Functionality to allow developers to monitor messages before being displayed.


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  • Noxillio

    I think this would cause issues. Messages are sent very quickly (presumably as soon as Discord's servers receive and process them), your bot would (most likely) have to be quicker in order to even tell the API to cancel it. I can't see how this would be put in place, or why it should be. It's far easier and practical to just delete the message after it's sent.

  • ChrisFH

    Noxillio There are many uses for this such as preventing users from being mentioned this cant be done with current system as it still notifies the user and many others 

  • Fenris

    I'm unsure of this one. I can see how it'd be useful but whether it'd be practical or even functional is the question. As I also can't see how this would be implemented in an active server, as in more then ten people talking at once, I'm also forced to give it a...meh? Versus an agreement.

  • ChrisFH

    Nevyra the latency would be negligible and the only thing that could be gained from it is benefits