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3 條評論

  • Lengo
    Maybe. This would be nice but can be done with bots and is not an urgent suggestion.
  • zt

    Actually, @Lengo this is different from what bots can do, because it would get annoying to have people constantly spamming and it constantly getting deleted, so if it has to go through the bot first, then you wouldn't have to see messages appear for an instant, and, deleting messages has a large ratelimit. (Also, this is a suggestion, not something Martini is saying as 'super urgent')

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    I agree with Lengo. Also for this to work to check before it post in a channel, it would have to be on Discord's servers as well as put the blame on Discord if something goes wrong instead of the Owners/Mods who should be doing their job on who comes into the servers and what is happening. It would also end up being one system to monitor all communications for every server (which means Discord would have to see all your messages as they do not currently monitor servers as they say) which I doubt would ever happen and I can't imagine the lag that would start if that was the case. I am also sure not everyone would want it to be the same settings so then you would need to also set it up for each server as well. That will also add coding to Discord that would not be needed for all servers and just bloat the software even more with things not every server will use.